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July 13 2017

What About The Equipment

Baseball is a friendly, fun and interactive team sport, but what kind of equipment goes into it? Well, a lot. Some of it’s basic, and some of it, not so touch. If you were looking for a little description of baseball equipment, then you’ve come to the right place.

Let’s start with the basics. First off, we have the baseball itself. You can’t play baseball without the namesake piece of equipment. A baseball has multiple layers in it, the very first one being cork or rubber, which is then wrapped tightly with yarn or string, and then covered with white leather and stitched together.

An interesting fact about the stitching is that they act like the wings of a plane once the ball is thrown, because the stitches are raised. They cause the ball to swerve slightly on it’s way to it’s destination.

Then, there’s the bat. You can play catch without a bat, but the actual game of baseball requires a lot of strong armed hitting, which means you need a baseball bat. Bat’s can be made from a plethora of metals, the most common being aluminum, and they can also be made from wood, the most common being maple or ash.

Bamboo bats, however, are becoming more popular. If you want to play professionally, aluminum bats aren’t allowed in the professional leagues, however they are quite common in the amateur leagues. Some fun little trivia is that a but is sometimes called a ‘lumber,“ especially when it’s used by a particularly skilled batter!

For gloves, there are four kinds of gloves that you can wear in baseball and they all depend on where you’re going to be playing. There’s the standard glove which is worn by the in and out fielders and they are made of leather and the fingers of the glove are lengthened to help catch the ball.They have a webbed "KKK” between the first finger and the thumb to create a sort of net, or basket, for the ball to fall into.

Then, there’s the catchers mitt. The catchers mitt is worn specifically by the catchers, as you might’ve guessed by the name. The four fingers are connected and the mitt is much wider than a standard glove. It’s also touch more padded than a standard glove.

One of the basemen get a special glove as well, and you guessed it, it’s the first one. The first baseman’s mitt more closely resembles a catchers mitt than a standard glove, and that’s due to it’s increased padding, connected fingers, and wider build.

Last, but not least of all the gloves, there’s the batting glove. The batting glove is worn on one or both the hands of the batter and they help protect the batters hands from getting blisters. They also provide extra grip and help absorb some of the shock of hitting the ball.

After all, feeling your bones vibrate isn’t that pleasant of a feeling. Like most sports, you’re going to need a helmet. It only makes sense since you have hard balls flying at your face, very, very quickly. Helmets are made of a hard plastic and have some pretty cushy padding inside to protect your noggin.

Baseball helmets also have an ear protector on the side that faces the pitcher, left ear for righties and right ear for lefties. Junior and amateur helmets, however, have ear protectors on both sides to keep the costs down for the team since every player can use the same kind of helmet.

Did you know that the first time a manager issued helmets for the team on a large scale was in 1921? Pat Moran gave his players, the Philadelphia Phillies, cork cushioned helmets. The catchers position is arguably the most dangerous of all in baseball, so it only makes sense that they would be fully covered in protective gear.

Catchers gear consists of leg guards, a chest pad, a cup for the males, and a full helmet. Because catchers crouch behind the batter, this protective gear covers everything that could be hit. The helmet closely resembles that of a hockey helmet because of the grated face piece.

There are some additional pieces that a catcher may choose to wear, such as knee savers, an inner protective glove, or a throat protector. The knee savers are special pads filled with air that help protect the knee ligaments and help prevent them from tearing and stretching over time.

The protective glove is a akin to a batters glove and it goes inside the catchers mitt to absorb the shock of the ball hitting the hand. Perhaps the most important additional piece is the throat protector. It’s a hard plastic plate that hangs down from the mask and protects the throat from being hit by a stray ball.

If a ball does hit the throat without the protector it can collapse the windpipe, and because of that, throat protectors are required in almost all youth-baseball games, even up to a high-school level.

Now, what about cleats? Well, cleats are a must have if you’re going to be running around on the grass and the dirt. They help with gripping the ground as you run which will help you stop faster as well as gain speed.

There are two kinds of cleats, rubber and metal. The rubber cleats are safer but they don’t dig into the ground and grip as well as metals ones. However, because they are safer, they’re used for younger players but once you hit middle school, you’ll probably start playing with metal cleats.

Some of these were more than just a little description of baseball equipment, but I hope you enjoyed this article nonetheless and found the information you were looking for. Have fun, be safe, and play ball!

June 21 2017

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Sports news

Near for a bat.

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June 01 2015

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You can give peace a chance, I’ll cover you in case it doesn’t work out.

May 29 2015

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Nice color pattern. Helps break up the outline of a fully black gun. 

May 18 2015

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He who is brave is free.

May 16 2015

In memory of my first Airsoft Project: Domo m16


I wanted to re-create my custom DOMO m16 sniper that i made a few years ago. That was the gun that started my whole tech/modding/customizing everything myself craze. I learned everything about airsoft gearboxes through that gun.   


But I figured I should try something new. Focus more on internals rather than externals. So I started out with this. G&G Sportline M4 for $125


I was able to finish installing the following:

  1. 509mm Tanio Koba Twist Barrel
  2. H Nub and Madbull Red Hop up bucking
  3. Sector Clip
  4. Reinforced Cylinder and Cylinder head
  5. Ball bearing spring guide
  6. Reshimmed gears
  7. Airsoft Systems Smart Control Unit 2nd Gen (The next best thing to a Systema PTW) 

Externally added:

  1. Tan Net paint job.
  2. Silencer.
  3. FSU Logo.
  4. Crane Stock.
  5. Scope.
  6. Bottom RIS Plate
  7. Foregrip

The gun currently looks like this. The paintjob is crap but I just wanted to break up the original paintjob a bit. 





May 15 2015

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My mother told me  
To pick the very best one  
And you are it.

May 11 2015

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Meandmunch Nerf Chillout

A frosty new Nerf Mod to celebrate (not) the upcoming winter.

by meandmunch.deviantart.com

May 03 2015

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How I feel as soon as the ref finish saying, “Game starts in 3…2…1… GO GO GO!”  

May 01 2015

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Happy Happy, Joy Joy. It’s Friday! To add to your happiness and joy, we would like to share this article, “10 Health Reasons Why You Should Be Playing Airsoft.” What’s your thoughts on these health benefits?

April 30 2015

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Not airsoft but just in case you haven’t learned anything new today. Here is your chance. Understand the variants of the H&K G36 Rifle. Because knowing is half the battle… G.I. Joes!

Reposted byazkarziel azkarziel

April 28 2015

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Airsoft a way of life! Not just a hobby!

April 25 2015

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More and more, I see girls playing in airsoft games. How would you feel if your girlfriend played?

April 24 2015

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No Bang… Bang… Bang, Bang, Bang. Instructions any player would understand.

Reposted byderletzteschrei derletzteschrei

April 20 2015

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My MP5 “Pork-Chop” A5 built is almost done… Almost.

April 19 2015

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There are two rules for success: 1. Never tell everything you know. -Roger H. Lincoln #airsoft #military #quotes

April 14 2015

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I played Airsoft for the first time, when can I go again?

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